Sagent, 24/7 Media Form Partnership

Mountain View, CA-based Sagent Technology Inc., a real-time e-business intelligence solutions provider, yesterday announced a strategic partnership with 24/7 Media, an Internet media and technology company with worldwide online advertising and direct marketing networks.

The agreement will enable 24/7 Media clients — including both brick-and-mortar and dot-com companies — to easily access Centrus Real-Time, Sagent's Web-based information service that offers current and complete third-party geographic, business-to-business and demographic information — which basically lets businesses augment their customer data with geographic, business-to-business and demographic information — through a secure Web connection.

The system enables companies to better understand and predict customer needs and behavior, compare existing information with current market trends and allocate resources to retain the most valuable customers and acquire new ones, according to Sagent.

Through Centrus Real Time, Sagent offers real-time access to third-party content providers including:, Experian, Claritas, Transamerica Flood, Geographic Data Technologies (GDT), U.S. Postal Service, Canada Post, U.S. Census Bureau and CompuSearch.

Using Centrus Real-Time, New York-based 24/7 Media's users can organize, consolidate and analyze their current customer base as well as integrate third-party information to create ideal customer profiles. Those profiles can then be used to develop targeted online marketing campaigns that offer customized products and services to their best prospects.

“Click-and-mortar companies have a rapidly growing need for a complete

understanding of both their traditional and e-commerce customers,” said Mike Bukowski, director, strategic sales, 24/7 Media. “Sagent enables us to extend our suite of interactive marketing solutions to quickly and easily deliver a comprehensive view of the customer, allowing our users to focus on developing marketing campaigns that meet their customers' specific needs-directly impacting their bottom line.”

Centrus Real-Time is the newest extension to the Centrus product line from Sagent. Centrus Online provides the same access to external information as Centrus Real-Time but is designed to handle large files of information rather than single record requests.

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