S3 Mailings Stress Multiple Touches

Brand consulting firm S3 begins an eight-step direct mail campaign at the end of this month targeting 1,000 prospects.

“We decided that instead of doing one elaborate and costly piece, it would be more effective to send a number of quick and fun-type pieces,” said Denise Soltys, president of the Boonton, NJ, firm. “The people we target get inundated with a lot of different mail on a daily basis. So contacting them frequently will not only help catch their eye, but also keep us at the top of their minds.”

Soltys said that when creating a campaign for a client, depending on what the client looks to do, S3 often suggests multiple mailings.

“This is what we tell our clients to do some of the time,” she said. “We understand that there is a strong value in repeat contacts and timing is extremely important, and this method increases your chances of landing on someone’s desk at just the right time.”

S3 works with companies varying in size from small to large. As for verticals, Soltys said it has developed a strong relationship within a niche market she calls the luxury market, with clients including Jaguar and Ralph Lauren Eyewear.

Each of the eight mailings will target the same 1,000 prospects. Soltys said many of the companies targeted fall into the luxury market category.

“The people we’re going after with this campaign are coming from a list we cultivated in-house,” she said. “They are people that we have not worked with at all in the past. We have spoken to some of them before, while others we have never met with.”

The mailings will be sent weekly for two months. Marketing managers and directors as well as vice presidents of marketing will be the primary targets. The campaign urges prospects to respond via the Web or phone to arrange an appointment with the agency.

The postcard mailers each will provide an overview of work between S3 and one of its clients. Each piece will be black and white and carry a fun theme. One will have the image of a woman preparing to use an eyelash curler. The text will read: “This won’t hurt a bit.” The back of the card reads: “looking your best is easier when you’ve got the right tools.”

Soltys said the company’s two earlier campaigns generated one new client each. She hopes this campaign yields at least two new customers, she said.

The campaign will cost $10,000.

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