Ruf Strategic Solutions to handle Georgia Dream Pass

Ruf Strategic Solutions, a database marketing company, and Pyhex Ventures Inc., a technology incubation business, will launch the first loyalty card program for the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

The project, called the Georgia Dream Pass, will initially target Georgia-based golf clubs and golfers. Pyhex Ventures will manage the card program. Olathe, KS-based Ruf Strategic Solutions, hired by Orlando, FL-based Pyhex Ventures, will provide database intelligence, management and measurement.

“The majority of loyalty card programs are reactive, meaning consumers are mass marketed to without targeting and data intelligence,” said Kurt Ruf, principal of Ruf Strategic Solutions. “Our company will provide Pyhex and the state with tourism intelligence to market directly to tourism prospects.”

Mr. Ruf added that the end system would allow the department of economic development a means to measure the back-end effectiveness of their marketing programs. Additionally, it will create a benchmark for optimizing marketing and response measures that will have an economic impact on the state’s tourism dollars.

The Georgia Dream Pass is available to consumers as an insert in many golf magazines and online at Exclusive member benefits may include special rates and discounts from member partners such as resorts, pro shops and golf courses.

Ruf Strategic Solutions will collect consumer information from the loyalty card for data warehousing, enhancement and reporting. The Georgia Department of Economic Development also will use Ruf Strategic Solutions’ product, Visitor Analysis, a comprehensive analysis of their actual leisure visitors based on consumer transaction data. Measurement will be facilitated by monthly reporting solutions that will compare month-to-date inputs to the year-to-date data aggregates.

The reporting will be matched to Ruf Strategic Solutions’ comprehensive household data warehouse and provide high-level profiles of customer segments including demographics, lifestyles and travel behaviors. Additionally, the campaign will profile prospects for future marketing efforts.

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