Royal Mail Targets Marketers in Pricing Campaign

Royal Mail began the first phase of its campaign to help businesses prepare for its new pricing system, Pricing in Proportion.

In this system, to be introduced Aug. 21, 2006, Royal Mail will charge postage based on the size of a letter or package as well as its weight.

Informational brochures are being sent starting Dec. 7 to 35,000 marketing services contacts, including direct marketing agencies, printing companies and mailing houses.

Feedback from Royal Mail's consultations about PIP highlighted the need for these industries to be informed in the first wave of communications so they can prepare for PIP-related inquiries from clients.

“These information packs are designed to remind our customers in marketing services about the changes and to let them know that we will be contacting businesses — which may include their clients — in January 2006,” said Lorna Clarkson, director of commercial policy and pricing at Royal Mail, Britain's postal service.

The mailings provide price and sizing information, plus advice on how companies can manage the new system. In January, business customers will receive detailed information together with a sizing template and pricing stickers so that they can compare current prices with those under PIP.

Royal Mail's $17.3 million public information campaign will incorporate TV, radio and press advertising as well as information in all 14,500 post offices.

Royal Mail said prices will better reflect the cost of collecting, sorting and delivering mail. No more than 30 percent of business mail is expected to be affected, and Royal Mail estimates that up to half of the mail affected will be cheaper to send.

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