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Royal Mail Service Lets Mailers Pre-book Mailings

Royal Mail has released details of a new booking center service that allows advertisers and their agencies or mailing houses to register upcoming activity and get a unit cost for their specific mailings.

Royal Mail said this lets advertisers more accurately calculate the cost of mailing as part of the campaign. The agency said the cost of the package depends on three key considerations: The size and weight of the items; when they need to be delivered; and the number of items. Mailings can be booked with a range of delivery options from next day to seven days.

“As an advertising medium, the mail has a proven track record in delivering business results,” said Adam Novak, Royal Mail managing director for media markets. It is measurable, accountable and complements other media. This new product will strengthen the mail's role as part of the overall advertising campaign schedule.”

In other news, U.K.-based Consignia, which runs Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide and the Post Office Ltd. said Friday it is proposing a one pence a letter increase in postage for first-class and second-class mail.

The proposal, submitted to the postal regulator Postcomm as part of a blueprint for introducing more competition into the mail market, called for the price increase to be introduced “as soon as possible this year” to help fund the investment needed to support its renewal plan.

Consignia said a further price rise may be necessary if competition is introduced at the fast-track rate currently proposed by the regulator. First-class stamps in the United Kingdom currently cost 27 pence (about 38 cents) and second-class stamps cost 19 pence.

Consignia also announced Friday that its Royal Mail unit will increase the price of selected domestic services effective July 4. These include packets that weigh more than 350 grams, standard parcels and the special delivery guaranteed next-day service.

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