Royal Mail Offers Discounts to US Direct Mailers to the UK

NEW YORK – Royal Mail US Inc. is offering a promotion that it says will give US direct marketers “potential savings” on direct mailings to the UK.

The promotion – which runs though March 31 – offers US businesses sending direct mail to the UK “a range of free value-added services” to help them maximize the effectiveness of their direct mailings, said Royal Mail spokesperson Jackson Ferry.

Ferry said that the high marketing response rate – 6.7 percent compared to 2 percent in the US – and the low marketing volumes – 138 items per household annually compared to 970 in the US – “lends credence to the view that there's plenty of room for US direct marketers in the UK.”

Mail order shopping, according to David McGirr, vice president of sales for Royal Mail, whether financial services, magazines or catalogs, “is fast becoming a way of life.

“And volumes are expected to grow in the foreseeable future,” he added.

Some of the services offered by the new Royal Mail promotion, McGirr said, “purge address inaccuracies or dated material, supply zip codes and suppress addresses that no longer are active.”

Since, he explained, up to 10 percent of UK households and businesses change addresses each year, “these services can reduce the number of direct mailings that are lost and can increase response rates for US direct marketers.”


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