Royal Mail: Add a dimension by Proximity London


Royal Mail asked Proximity London to convince UK advertisers that direct mail is far from dead, and is an effective tool when used as part of an integrated campaign.

Proximity sent 3-D glasses to 3,000 of the UK’s top advertisers, issuing a challenge to each recipient to add another dimension to their integrated campaigns. Each mail piece contained a personalized URL.

“The Web site greeted them by name and introduced a beautiful 3-D film to dramatize the concept of two coming

together to stunning effect,” says Duncan Gray, executive creative director, Proximity London. “Even the bespoke soundtrack was engineered with innovative recording technology to provide a 3D audio experience.”

The campaign had a 46% click through rate and 16% of recipients completed registration for follow-up by the Royal Mail sales team.

Creative Director
Duncan Gray

Art Director
Jason Fletcher

Marcus Iles

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