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Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Selects Protagona

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, Australia, will implement the Producer module of Protagona Worldwide's Ensemble suite, Protagona announced last week.

The suite is an integrated campaign management application that allows for the creation of a unified view of the automobile club's customers across multiple channels, including direct mail, call center, branch network and e-mail. The club is trying to improve cost efficiencies and service standards for members and customers through the marketing software package.

Stuart Sanders, the club's group marketing manager, said that once implementation is completed, Producer will help ensure that marketing dollars are invested where they are likely to provide the best results for the club and its members.

“RACQ's member and customer databases have been growing rapidly and are now in excess of 1.5 million records,” Sanders said.

Protagona Worldwide, Chicago, is providing the software solution in conjunction with Headstrong, a global services company.

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