Rotary develops first e-commerce site

Rotary, a power equipment replacement parts company, has launched an online store available in the U.S. and Canada, says Caylee Bickmore, Rotary’s e-commerce and Web marketing manager.  

The e-commerce site uses Shopatron, a retail e-commerce solution platform. Though some competitors of Rotary use e-commerce sites, Rotary does not currently have a competitor using the Shopatron model, says Bickmore. According to a release, more than two dozen garden and tool companies currently use Shopatron, nine of which launched online stores in 2012.

“There is a large market online for outdoor power equipment replacement parts,” Bickmore says.

Rotary is late to the e-commerce game because it didn’t want to compete with its dealers, Bickmore says, a situation that the Shopatron solution allows Rotary to avoid.

“When consumers shop at our store, the orders will be filled by our dealers,” Bickmore explains. “This helps our relationships by sending them more orders and allowing them to participate in e-commerce without having the expense of creating and maintaining a website.”

Customers currently have the option of shopping via mobile or tablet. In the future, Rotary plans to allow in-store pickup, Bickmore says.

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