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Roska Direct acquires Mueller & Wister

In a move intended to bolster its interactive offerings, direct marketing agency Roska Direct Advertising has acquired Mueller & Wister, a mobile and interactive agency.

“It’s hard for me to imagine anything being done in the direct field that doesn’t have a strong interactive component tied to it,” said Jon Roska, CEO and CCO at Roska Direct. In order to stay on top in the interactive field, direct agencies “really need to stay as far out ahead in technology as they can,” he continued.

“The one thing that really drove this deal would be Mueller & Wister’s unbelievable knowledge in the very latest interactive technologies.”

In particular, Roska expects Mueller & Wister’s expertise in gaming and mobile technologies will enable it to enhance existing offerings to clients. Currently, approximately 50% of Roska’s billings fall within some type of interactive work, including Web design, Flash development and mobile marketing.

Mueller & Wister’s client base also complements Roska’s work in the healthcare field.

The new agency will be called Roska, Mueller & Wister.

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