Rodale Picks QuadSystems Hosted Tools

Rodale selected QuadSystems' Impoze and AdSync Pro hosted software to streamline production for Men's Health and Best Life, the publisher said yesterday. Rodale also is using Quad/Graphics' Advertising Resource Management Center to process ad materials for these two publications.

Rodale uses Impoze for planning, manufacturing and distribution of all of its titles. Impoze streamlines and condenses workflow throughout planning, production, printing and distribution, cutting time from the production cycle.

AdSync Pro connects Rodale to Quad's prepress facility so Rodale can see updates of advertising material data in real time. This tool lets advertisers send ad materials directly to Quad, decreasing shipping time, said Ryan Ware, QuadSystems sales manager. As ad material information is entered at the Quad/Graphics' ARM Center, it shows up in AdSync Pro at Rodale, Ware said.

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