Robot Vacuum Hits Home Shopping Network

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner launched on the Home Shopping Network yesterday, following up an infomercial campaign that debuted the product on television in October.

Airing on HSN expands the product's consumer reach as the holiday season goes into full swing, according to Infoworx, the Boca Raton, FL, DRTV agency handling the Roomba campaign. The Roomba is produced by technology firm iRobot.

Tom Wise, former vice president of Reliant Interactive and a veteran DRTV front man, hosts the HSN segment. The segment borrows from the Roomba infomercial and features product demonstrations such as the “torture track,” which shows the product's ability to navigate obstacles on its own.

The Roomba is priced at $199.99 and is available in three payments. Upsells include extra batteries, a rapid battery charger and a $39.95 “virtual wall” used to block portions of a house from the Roomba.

About 40 percent of customers responding to the Roomba infomercial have bought an upsell, while 80 percent converted to a single-payment plan, according to Infoworx.

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