Robinson & Maites Repositions Itself

Robinson & Maites, an agency that gets 35 percent to 40 percent of its billings from direct marketing assignments and 20 percent from promotion, has decided to reposition itself as a full-service marketing agency.

The change comes exactly 40 years after R&M opened as a sales promotion agency, a move intended to dispel perceptions that it didn't offer any other marketing services.

“It gives us a real opportunity to operate at a much higher, broader level with our clients, whereas as a promotion/direct marketing agency you're called in on specific issues that deal with your discipline,” said Alan Maites, president of R&M.

R&M will now drop “promotion” from its tag line. It has trademarked a new term, “The Marketing Solutions Agency,” to describe its service. It also has a new Web address,

The agency has been steadily expanding beyond creating traditional promotions and direct marketing programs to include services such as channel marketing and distribution, customer acquisition and management, and planning and positioning.

R&M aims “to be more involved in overall business strategy, not just marketing communications strategy,” Maites said.

Clients of R&M include Comdisco, Eastman Kodak Co., S.C. Johnson & Co., Verizon Communications, FedEx,, Kraft Foods and the Chicago Board of Trade. Billings last year were $25.5 million.

Maites claimed that R&M's clients were accepting of the agency's repositioning.

“They welcomed the change because they were having a hard time internally describing us as a promotion agency,” he said. “We were helping them with business strategy, direct marketing in some cases, advertising, Internet marketing and even some international strategic work.”

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