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Road Runner coverage wins praise

CI have never been formally introduced to DM News editor in chief Mickey Alam Khan, although I feel like I know him well since I read this publication religiously.

Recently Chantal Tode wrote an article about one of our clients, Road Runner Sports. Of course we were mentioned in it. Although I was thrilled with the coverage for this client who happens to be doing well, one thing struck me that I thought you would find interesting.

The calls and e-mails I received about the article were tremendous, but not for the reasons you would expect. Everyone was telling me they loved the article. They were saying the perspective made them feel engaged. Beyond being informed, they were “inspired,” “connected.” And someone told me she just wanted to see Road Runner win.

I thought it was interesting because when I read the article, I felt the same way. I love Road Runner and their story, but something was uniquely different about the way this story was presented. It was real, no pretences, not just words on a page coming from a press release. It was alive; it seemed to me blood ran through it. And when others felt the same way, I thought maybe I should tell you as well.

Chantal did a great job. But more importantly, maybe the bones and flesh aspect works, and maybe our community desires more personality. I am, by no means, telling you how to run your paper. But I wanted to share the feedback, since the emotion in the story and level in which the behind-the-scenes was portrayed clearly resonated with readers. It went beyond being an article to being a story that people wanted to see have a successful end.

I greatly appreciate your paper, the work you do on our behalf as a company and as a community, and your own flare which the paper seems to have and show.

Monica C. Smith
Marketsmith Inc.
Morristown, NJ
[email protected]

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