RMI Snares Sports Catalog Inserts

RMI Direct Marketing Inc., Danbury, CT, took management of the Star Struck/ProTeam catalog insert programs.

The Star Struck/ProTeam package insert program offers 120,000 inserts annually and costs $50/M. The Star Struck/ProTeam blow-in programs include 500,000 inserts into the spring 2006 baseball catalog, 400,000 into the fall baseball catalog and 450,000 into the fall football catalog. These cost $45/M.

The Star Struck/ProTeam file is 54 percent male with an average age range of 30-54, average income of $70,000 and an average sale of $90. The catalogs feature products from the National Football League, Major League Baseball, minor league baseball, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, national collegiate athletics, Major League Soccer and NASCAR.

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