RMI adds three new lists

RMI has been selected to manage the National Wildlife Federation Member Donor Master File, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and the American Lung Association lists. 

Also, Belvoir Media Group signed with the Danbury, CT-based company back in 2001 and since then has grown a total volume of 178 percent, the company claims. Sixty-two percent of that growth is from secondary markets.

RMI showcases the videos it has created for clients on its Web site. The videos caused the number of hits to RMI’s site to grow by more than 65 percent in its first month.

VFW currently markets its non-member donor master file, Catholic donors and Jewish donors lists. RMI has launched seven brand new VFW lists through various enhancements.

ALA markets its donor master file and Spanish-speaking donors lists. Via enhancements and overlays, RMI has launched seven brand new ALA lists. The donor master file is updated monthly and monthly hotlines are available to commercial mailers.

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