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Riviera Casino wins big with Hispanics-targeted campaign

Within nine days of launching a direct marketing campaign targeting Hispanics, the Riviera Casino had more than 1,200 new players.

That was a key takeaway from a presentation at DM Days yesterday given by representatives from Hispanidad and Riveria Casino, a division of Heinrich Marketing Inc.

Hispanidad developed a creative, effective campaign featuring the tagline “Bueno Pa’ Gozar,” which loosely translates as “Good to Enjoy” and is a reference to Tito Puente’s “Oye Como Va.” Through research that examined trends within the gaming category relating to the Hispanic population, as well as focus-group studies, the campaign focused on an affluent audience using an upscale feel with Spanish call-outs peppering English copy.

“We launched this campaign with a creative promise,” said Laura Sonderup, director of Denver-based Hispanidad. “Each component demonstrated Riviera’s understanding of its audience and examples of a good time at the casino.”

For the casino in Black Hawk, CO, Hispanidad developed an integrated media relations and communications campaign, which included the following.

· A direct mail package that included 25 “Bueno Pa’ Gozar” dollars good for gaming, a complimentary buffet dinner for two and express enrollment into the exclusive Players Club.

· Print advertising with a request, “Players Wanted,” and the campaign tagline.

· Outdoor advertising that carried through the “Bueno Pa’ Gozar” tagline.

· Radio spots supporting the campaign messaging.

· Merchandising that included t-shirts with the tagline “Bueno Pa’ Gozar.”

· Special events including a custom chopper and cash giveaway, salsa nights and an exclusive performance by a renowned Latino comic.

The creative promise was based upon the research that led to culturally relevant marketing approaches and messages. The campaign not only attracted new players within a targeted segment of the Hispanic population but also increased the profitability profile of existing Hispanic players.

“Within nine days of launching our new direct marketing campaign, we had more than 1,200 new players,” said Kelly Horton, director of marketing at Riviera. “This thoughtful campaign successfully introduced the casino as the ‘gaming’ destination of choice targeted to Hispanic households. Clearly, this audience was well understood and effectively reached.”

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