Ride out a slowdown at your job

In my nearly 20 years as an executive recruiter in direct marketing, this is the third economic downturn that I’ve experi­enced. Recessions are never pleasant, but the good news is that we have never had a recession that isn’t temporary. This one too, shall pass.

My career advice is this is not a good time to be actively looking for another job unless either you are out of work, you fear that you may be about to lose your job or you are planning to start your own business.

The job markets are likely to get worse before they begin to see any improvement. There is nothing wrong with keeping your ears to the tracks, as they say, and sometimes the grass is indeed greener on the other side of the hill.

However, in the current economy, much of the grass out there is getting mowed to the roots, and that grass may not be lush and green again until sometime during the latter half of next year.

So for now, if you’re gainfully employed, think a little less about dusting off your resume and think more about what’s impor­tant to your company’s business and the activities that bring in revenue. Align your­self as best you can with the critical priorities of your employer.

Rather than waiting around for another shoe to drop, start going beyond expecta­tions. Take on that extra project, put in some extra hours, produce better results, and expect nothing from it. Remember, when times get tough, companies need their best people more than ever. They will remember you for this.

Having a positive belief structure is essen­tial if you want to succeed. It is vital that you want to succeed during times like these. Always remember that people tend to see what they believe, rather than believe what they see. Negative beliefs will cloud your outlook and impact your attitude.

Heed the advice of Baba Amte, Gandhi follower and renowned humanitarian who abandoned a life of privilege to help the out­casts of society in India. Baba said: “The future belongs to the common man, with uncommon determination.” It’s now time for everyone to pursue a little bit of uncom­mon determination.

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