Rickard manages Unity Magazine subscriber file

Rickard List Marketing is managing the Unity Magazine subscriber file comprised of 19,483 active subscribers at a base price of $100/M.

Published bi-monthly, Unity covers topics on various religions. The individuals comprising the file are dedicated to searching for a deeper understanding of life.

The m agazine explores the human connection to a higher power. It strives to uncover the link between spirituality and modern physical, psychological, social and cultural issues.

Articles feature subjects such as relationships, examining one’s limitless potential, how to put real meaning in every activity, the spirit of laughter and reconnecting with nature.

Unity publishes religious, spiritually oriented, practical and inspirational magazines, books, audio books, cassettes and CDs. Their products are created and designed to offer support, hope and possibilities for better living.

The magazine’s readers are spiritually curious, mail order book buyers, donors to health and fitness and religious causes, and interested in self-improvement, current affairs and Bible/devotional reading.

Seventy-four percent are female.

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