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Ricardo Pomeranz appointed global chief digital officer of Rapp Collins Worldwide

Ricardo Pomeranz has been named global chief digital officer, a new position within Rapp Collins Worldwide, reporting directly to Gary Von Kennel, Global CEO. He will continue as partner and president of Rapp Digital, a division of Rapp Collins Brazil Group.

In this new role, Pomeranz will be in charge of Rapp Collins’ digital projects at the individual office level and exporting them throughout the network to establish a global network of integrated services.

“Our goal is to build a global digital center of marketing to include direct marketing capabilities,” Pomeranz said. “We want to have an integrated global offering in the digital space, and so we are constructing a global team. We are looking at the capabilities in each region to build this network.”

Pomeranz is focused on making this new global network sensitive to the cultural differences of clients in different regions, and in making sure that the online and offline goals are integrated.

The digital unit of Rapp Collins Brazil was founded in 2000, and has grown significantly since its inception. It has won numerous awards for creating closer relationships with the customer through direct online communication using database support.

Pomeranz is co-author of the book “Effective Marketing: How to Ensure Sales and Build Brands through Relationship Strategies.” He wrote the book with Abaete de Azevedo, CEO Rapp Collins Latin America. Pomeranz is also a frequent lecturer on the subject of new technologies and relationship marketing.

He sees the direct marketing space as changing very fast today.

“We used to see the model where the brand controlled to communication with the customer,” Pomeranz observed. “But what happens with the Internet is that the control of the relationship changes from the brand to the consumer. It is our goal to address this and to create a deeper relationship between the customer and the brand.”

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