RFMplus Enhances Data, Adds Participants

Millard Group Inc. has announced that its co-operative catalog database, RFMplus, has been enhanced and has added new participants.

The data enhancements are name reactivation and retail buyer optimization, said Kate McPherson, assistant account manager of the RFMplus database at Millard Group, Peterborough, NH.

“Name reactivation flags a cataloger's inactive buyers with RFMplus recency to identify which of those buyers are making purchases from other RFMplus participants,” she said.

In turn, a mailer can make an informed decision about whether to keep aging names on its house file.

“Retail buyer optimization flags a merchant's retail buyer names and matches them to RFMplus catalog buyers,” McPherson said.

This process lets a marketer identify which of its brick-and-mortar customers are buying through the mail from other retailers and perhaps try to convert them into multichannel customers.

Along with the enhancements, five new catalog titles were added to the RFMplus database. Pottery Barn Kids, Tuttle Golf Collection, Brookstone Gift Collection, Brookstone Hard-To-Find Tools and Gardeners Eden have joined about 60 other catalog titles in the database.

Millard also announced that noncatalogers such as publishers and fundraisers may use the RFMplus database at the discount rates of $80 per thousand and $65/M, respectively.

Millard Group; Mokyrnski & Associates, Hackensack, NJ; Experian Direct Tech, Schaumburg, IL; and Paymentech, Salem, NH, operate RFMplus as an alliance.

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