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Reynolds DeWalt acquires RiverView to boost direct mail capabilities

Reynolds DeWalt acquired RiverView Marketing Consultants, a direct marketing services company, effective October 5. Reynolds DeWalt, a multichannel agency, made the acquisition to boost its direct mailing capabilities, particularly in database management and analytics services for mail campaigns, in which RiverView specialized.

“The acquisition made perfect sense in terms of adding to our data analytics processing capabilities,” said Scott Dubois, VP of cross-media services and marketing at Reynolds DeWalt.

All RiverView employees, including former president William Blackwell, have transferred to Reynolds DeWalt’s New Bedford, MA, office. Reynolds DeWalt, which has been family-owned since 1948, has added RiverView’s five employees to increase its full roster to 57 staffers. Its offerings include creative, direct mail, printing and e-mail services. Blackwell is serving as director of business development at Reynolds DeWalt. No layoffs are expected as a result of the merger.

Reynolds DeWalt will no longer use the RiverView name. “We’re a cross-media communications company, and the level of sophistication their employees brought in terms of data analytics and direct mail made it a perfect fit,” Dubois said. 

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