Return Path whitelisting hits 1.2 billion inboxes

With a new Yahoo partnership, e-mail deliverability services firm Return Path has expanded its Sender Score Certified whitelist to cover more than 1.2 billion e-mail inboxes.

ISPs that accept the Sender Score Certified whitelist include Windows Live Hotmail, Time Warner Cable, GoDaddy and Yahoo, which will implement the service this spring. AOL and Google will be the only ISPs that do not use Return Path’s SenderScore whitelisting service. This growth to whitelisting for 1.2 billion inboxes is approximately 100% more growth than this time last year, and comes as authentication has become an industry standard.

“ISPs are ready for a solution that will enable them to figure out if a sender has a good reputation,” said George Bilbrey, VP and general manager of delivery assurance solutions at Return Path.

ISPs use Return Path to help authenticate the messages and assure that legitimate messages are getting through in their ongoing battle against spam. When qualified e-mail senders send messages to ISPs and filtering companies that use Sender Score Certified, those e- mails are given preferential treatment toward inbox placement.

Marketers sending e-mails use Sender Score to ensure deliverability and rendering. Companies that have passed a rigorous screening process and maintain the highest industry standards and best practices with e-mail qualify for Sender Score Certified.

Cloudmark, whose ISPs include Earthlink, Comcast, Cox Communications and Telus, is the most recent spam-filtering provider to fully integrate Sender Score Certified.

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