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Return Path Merges Three Data Streams in the Cloud

Return Path this week rolls out its data cloud, and with it access to real-time data from email service providers, consumers, and developers. “All this data comes into one standardized platform, allowing users to leverage insights across the breadth of the email ecosystem,” says Return Path CMO Scott Roth. “If I’m a brand, I can now go to one place to learn how mailbox providers view me and how consumers are engaging with me.”

The Return Path Data Cloud gives users API access to email optimization data and access to online and offline consumer purchase data through standardized, formatted feeds. It also offers access to real-time global deliverability and threat intelligence data. “If a brand user or one of our strategic partners prefers to bring the data into their own environment, they now have access to it,” Roth says.

Return Path says its Data Cloud receives inputs from more than 70 mailbox and security providers representing 2.5 billion email accounts and in-depth behavioral insights directly from the inboxes of more than 2 million consumers.

In a statement, CEO Matt Blumberg called the introduction of the cloud as “an important step forward for a pioneer in the development of data solutions.”

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