Return Path enters Australia with new partner

E-mail services firm Return Path has a new partner in Australia. Eservices Communications Pty Ltd, an Australian digital communication services company, has integrated Return Path’s e-mail authentication and deliverability tool Sender Score in a move to help its e-mail clients.  

Return Path’s deliverability tools monitor the rendering and inbox placement of e-mail marketing campaigns and follow e-mail best practices. Australian marketers can now apply for Return Path’s Sender Score Certified whitelist via Eservices.

For Return Path the partnership means that the e-mail services firm will now be supported by eservices partners and with local ISPs in the Australasian region.

Once an e-mail sender passes Sender Score Certified’s approval process, their e-mails sent to ISPs and e-mail filtering companies are given preferential treatment toward inbox placement.

This partnership expands Return Path’s vision for global expansion. The firm operates in North America, South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and continues to add locations in countries within these regions.

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