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Composing Your Life

Agency: CP Proximity
Client: Audi

As a way to illustrate that customer data helps provide personalized communication, this team created unique birthday songs for Audi owners in Spain by assigning musical notes and visual elements to personal data. Songs and visuals were e-mailed or sent in mailers, which invited customers to download the song on a website. Of 200,000 recipients, 38% updated personal data and 85% downloaded songs. The effort garnered more than 15,500 new e-mail addresses as well.

Executive Creative Director
Eva Santos

Creative Supervisors

Alba Vence,
Ferran Lafuente

Art Director
Rodrigo Chaparreiro

Billy Screensaver

Agency: OgilvyOne Frankfurt
Client: Ikea Germany

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ikea’s “Billy” storage systems, this campaign included a screensaver showing time passing in the shape of the product. Titled “The Times are Changing,” the screensaver effectively illustrated the unchanged, enduring quality of “Billy” systems by combining the visual of a clock advancing while the product stayed the same. It was downloaded more than 2,000 times in the first two weeks.

Executive Creative Director
Michael Kutschinski

Creative Directors

Dr. Ulf Schmidt, Uwe Jakob

Art Director/ Copywriter

Daniel Schweinzer


Marcus Pfeiffer, Nico Schneider

3D Rugby

Agency: Archibald Ingall Stretton
Client: O2

This campaign centered on a live 3D broadcast of England’s sold out six-nation rugby matches at 40 cinemas throughout the UK. Cinemas were turned into mini-stadiums, complete with free beer and St. George’s flags. A real-time Twitter feed became part of match commentary. YouTube and a website were also integrated into the effort, which reached 20,000 customers. PR generated £2.4 million of equivalent media spend.

Creative Directors
Geoff Gower,
Matt Morley-Brown

Art Director

Mark Hanson

Kristian Foy

Head of Digital Design

Jon Biggs


An Internal Training Session Involving The Pao de Acucar Mais Program
Agency: Giovanni &
Client: Pao de Acucar
CD: Marcelo Carnevale

‘Hej Community”
Agency: OgilvyOne
Client: Ikea Germany
ECD: Michael Kutschinski

Exito’s Giant Flag

Agency: Proximity Colombia
Client: Almacenes Exito
CD: Sandra Piedrahita

The Right Resolution is on the Web

Agency: Red Urban GmbH
Client: Getty Images
ECD: Andreas Klemp

Man of the Season
Agency: Wunderman
Client: Diageo NA
CCO: Nick Moore

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