Retailer Exchange Offers Online Data Management Tool

The WorldWide Retail Exchange, a business-to-business exchange for retailers and suppliers, yesterday announced the launch of a hosted solution for the storage, management and retrieval of brand assets called WWRE Asset Manager.

The product aims to streamline the launch of new product designs by enabling members and trading partners to manage and share audio, video, multimedia and other digital assets online.

Asset Manager lets users search and retrieve the most up-to-date version of information, either by identifying the finished product packages or by identifying specific product components of that package. Asset Manager also serves as a holding place for online storyboards and associated images as well as proposed store layouts.

WWRE, Alexandria, VA, said the service initially targets retailers and suppliers within the textile sector. By the fourth quarter, Asset Manager is expected to support packaging and marketing. In the near future, the service likely will be extended to all product areas supported by the exchange.

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