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Retail DM Most Effective in Major EU Markets: Study

Direct marketing campaigns produced by retailers are among the most effective in key European markets, according to new research from postage meter maker Pitney Bowes.

Travel and holiday firms, charities and banks are the next most effective with their DM campaigns, followed by credit card issuers and insurers.

Harris Interactive conducted the study for Pitney Bowes, studying public opinion in Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

Spain was the only one of the five countries polled where travel and holiday firms nabbed the top spot for direct marketing effectiveness. This wasn’t unusual given the travel industry’s prominence in the Spanish economy.

There were some other differences between the markets.

The survey found reaction to retailer DM campaigns was almost twice as effective in Italy and Germany than it was in Britain, France and Spain. An obvious inference is the emphasis the Italians and Germans place on their style and fast-moving consumer goods purchases.

Also, Britain was the leading marketing for charitable DM due to its competitive fundraising environment.

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