Responsys Acquires NetAcumen

E-mail application services provider Responsys Inc. is expected to announce today that it has acquired Web site data analysis firm NetAcumen for an undisclosed sum.

According to Responsys, the acquisition of Burlingame, CA-based NetAcumen will allow Responsys' customers' marketing departments to integrate their e-mail and Web site customer profile data without having to rely on their information technology departments.

“It's a hosted system so the marketing department can control the data capture and the development of the online customer profile,” said Richard Clayton, vice president of product marketing, Responsys, Palo Alto, CA. “Integrating these two channels [Web and e-mail] has been on our most-advanced customers' wish lists for 18 months now.”

Literature on claims that its solution includes all features needed to “connect, collect, and convert Web data directly into useful business information and to integrate key data from other enterprise systems.”

Characterizing the combined offering as a self-service way for Responsys' customers to begin using recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM) data to sell to Web and e-mail customers, CEO George Wiedemann estimated that 60 percent to 70 percent of the online marketing data collected is on anonymous users.

Anonymous profiling “is on the outer edge of what works,” Wiedemann said. “It can help you prospect, but you better not treat your customers that way.”

Besides well-documented fulfillment troubles, many direct marketers consider failure to use, or incorrect use of, RFM data as one reason so many online merchants failed. RFM analysis is a fundamental of direct marketing, a discipline in which Wiedemann is firmly rooted. He founded direct marketing ad agency Grey Direct in 1979.

Responsys claims 300 customers. NetAcumen claims 16.

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