Response Media Debuts CoolSavings Postal Names

CoolSavings Inc. is expected to make available today its postal file for list rental through Response Media Products Inc.

The 5.8 million-name, last-12-month file is part of what CoolSavings calls its Mailboxes & In-boxes service, which allows direct marketers to send both direct mail and e-mail to CoolSavings members. The e-mail file was already on the market, but the postal names had not.

“We didn't feel like it would do any good just to put the list on the market as just another big list of names with postal addresses. There had to be something unique and different about it so that it would be compelling for direct marketers,” said Matthew Moog, CEO of CoolSavings, Chicago. “Unlike many online sources of names we collect a very significant amount of data about our members.”

It is that data that CoolSavings' list manager claimed would make the file a success.

“Internet-generated files are only as good as of the data collected, and these people have just given a wealth of information,” said Herb Torgersen, vice president of management services at Response Media Products Inc., Atlanta.

The CoolSavings file has interest selects such as automotive, clothing and accessories, grocery, money and investing, babies and kids, computers, health and beauty, home and garden, entertainment and others. It also has demographic selects, including gender, age, income, presence of children, home office, pets and credit scoring.

In addition, the file will be overlaid with Donnelley Marketing's ShareForce data early next year, Torgersen said.

Members of the CoolSavings file are 65 percent female with an average age of 34 and an average income of $52,000. The postal names have a base price of $75 per thousand.

Several CoolSavings clients that have used its e-mail file are expected to use the postal file as well, said Moog. They include The Gap, Old Navy, Target, Kohl's, Procter & Gamble and Unilever. Catalogers have also expressed interest in testing the postal file.

“The interest selects allow for targeting that can fit just about any type of offer,” Torgersen said.

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