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Resources to Help You Achieve Your Marketing Resolutions

A new year symbolizes a new beginning—the chance to start over. So, like many people, I often ring in the New Year by contemplating my resolutions. The goals I set for myself are often repeats from the previous year: go to the gym more often, be more financially responsible, have a better work-life balance. And it looks like I’m not alone. According to a GOBankingRates study covered by Inc, resolutions around health, finance, and spending time with loved ones are the most popular objectives for 2016.

As I began listing my own new year’s resolutions, I started to think how many of my goals could align with marketers’ objectives: having a healthier organization, establishing a better budget, and spending more time with others. So, here is a compilation of Direct Marketing News articles from 2015 that can help you meet your 2016 resolutions.


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