Repositionable notes extended for additional year

The US Postal Service Governors accepted the recommendation of the Postal Regulatory Commission to extend the test on repostionable notes, or “sticky notes,” for one year.

The USPS’s repositionable notes allow mailers of First-Class Mail, Periodicals and Standard Mail to affix a Post-It-type note to the outside of cards, large letters, catalogs, magazines and newspapers for a fee, in addition to postage for the host piece.

RPNs are removable, 3-inch by 3-inch paper advertising messages used by business owners, advertising agencies and marketing professionals. They have been described as “billboards for a business’ mail,” because of their unique look and the fact that they can be removed from the mail piece and placed on computers, refrigerators or checkbooks as reminders.

Fees, which are based on a “value pricing” concept, are one-half cent for First Class and 1.5 cents for Standard Mail and Periodicals, plus the cost of postage.

RPNs were introduced on a provisional basis for a one-year period on April 3, 2005, and renewed for an additional year.

On June 14, the Postal Regulatory Commission approved the USPS‘s request for another one-year extension to test the market desirability of RPNs

The USPS filed for the one-year extension request on April 2, the day before the April 3 expiration date. The extension sought to further test market demand and interest at the current price for the service. The USPS Governors approval means, rates can remain at their current levels through April 3, 2008.

Since the service first was introduced in April 2005, more than 1,500 customers have used RPNs on almost 247 million pieces of mail.

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