Report: Slower International Growth for Direct Sales

SAN FRANCISCO — Growth rates for remote commerce sales are expected to slow in some countries, according to new data released by the Direct Marketing Association from its “Economic Impact: 30 Countries Worldwide 2002” study.

The study, which includes advertising expenditures and remote commerce sales for 30 non-U.S. nations, measures the growth of remote commerce through all direct channels including Internet, catalog and telephone.

The data, announced at the DMA show here, revealed that remote commerce sales are expected to experience slower-than-projected growth in some countries in the next five years, with growth rates ranging from 5.24 percent in Switzerland to 23.88 percent in Taiwan.

The study identifies Taiwan as the leader in DM advertising spending growth among non-U.S. nations, with growth through 2007 projected to rise 18.96 percent.

The top five regarding 2002 direct marketing sales are Japan ($586 billion), Germany ($128 billion), France ($127 billion), the United Kingdom ($108 billion) and Italy ($68 billion).

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