Remembering Cheryl Bagdan

” Do you have a challenging job for my daughter?” I was asked by my tennis partner in the summer of 1986. “Send her in for an interview,” I replied. That’s how Cheryl started at Leon Henry Inc.

Cheryl brought experience and enthusiasm. She edited our press releases, wrote for the direct marketing trade press and managed our convention display activity. This was all in addition to her full time sales activity.

She often brought her daughters, Caitlin and Shelby, to the office. As the years passed, we were astounded by Cheryl’s energy and activity with her local school board.

In 2004, Cheryl felt the need to change her focus while remaining in the direct marketing industry and moved to Statlistics. We were sorry to see her move on.

We will remember Cheryl’s enthusiasm for her family, her industry and her life.

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