RelevantView Debuts Web Usability Tool

Technology firm RelevantView Friday launched Web usability testing software called RelevantView that the company said lets businesses measure both qualitative and quantitative data about how customers interact with their Web sites.

The company's hosted application, which initially is being pitched to market research firms, direct marketers and ad agencies, also enables businesses to track competitors' Web sites and applications. The Web survey software enables businesses to capture users behavior and intent.

“Usability tools until now have been either qualitative and limited to small sample size, or, if quantitative, often had restrictions, like special browser downloading, that biased the sample group,” said Marshall Harrison, RelevantView's founder/CEO.

Using a proprietary Web interface, the software automates the creation, launching and reporting of Web-based usability tests. It enables businesses to identify problem areas of their Web site or Web-based applications. It also offers competitive intelligence by enabling businesses to perform usability testing against a competitor's Web site.

“RelevantView was developed to address the considerable constraints other players in the marketplace have,” Harrison said. “The other players offer a one-size-fits-all research service. We also license the tool we've built on an ASP basis.”

RelevantView's surveys can be co-branded with the clients' corporate identity.

One of the first clients using RelevantView is NOP World, London, which plans to co-brand the software for online usability testing.

RelevantView costs $12,000 per survey. The company offers a discount for businesses seeking to use the program for multiple surveys.

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