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Regional Belgian Government Extends Sitel Contract

The regional Flemish government of Belgium renewed a contract with teleservices agency Sitel for inbound call support for an additional five years, Sitel said yesterday.

The financial value of the new agreement, which will run through 2007, was not disclosed. Sitel began providing inbound teleservices to the Flemish government in 1998.

Sitel has assigned agents at its call center in Brussels, Belgium, to provide voice and e-mail support. The agents take calls to the Vlaamse Infolijn, the Flemish government's public hotline for information requests, and field responses to the government's public information media campaigns.

As part of the extended contract, the information bureau will consolidate its multiple information telephone numbers into a single hotline. Sitel will handle all public calls coming into the regional government.

In April, Baltimore-based Sitel announced another international government contract with Agencia Tributaria, Spain's tax authority, to provide inbound phone support.

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