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Reebok to Take First Step Into DRTV

Reebok International Ltd. will debut its first long-form infomercial this month for the Reebok Core Board, a stationary muscle-training platform.

The 28-minute infomercial will demonstrate the system, including workout regimens, user testimonials, before-and-after photos and explanations of how the system functions. A variety of sports, fitness and entertainment celebrities will host the infomercial, though Reebok would not disclose names. A run date has not been set.

“The concept and product meshes well with longer-format advertising,” said Mark Hecox, director of licensing at Reebok International Ltd., Canton, MA. “DRTV is the vehicle necessary to communicate the attributes of this unique program and the exercise techniques.”

The Reebok Core Board is a platform with an oval surface mounted on a rubber core balanced on four “feet” to allow it to achieve motion.

Consumers will be directed to a toll-free number and the Web site, www.reebokcoregear.com, to purchase the product. While the product currently retails for $189.99 on the Web site, Hecox said Reebok is determining price points for the DRTV campaign. Customer service reps will upsell a set of three workout tapes for roughly $69.99. The tapes are also available on the Web site. Hecox added that Reebok is selecting other accessories for upsell opportunities.

Participants in the infomercial will be featured drinking the new Reebok Fitness Water, which is a vitamin, mineral and electrolyte enhanced water produced by Reebok and Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp. The drink, which debuted this month in select markets, is being featured to generate product awareness.

Reebok is targeting the Core Board to an equal split of males and females older than age 25. The infomercial initially will be tested on cable stations, and if the test is successful, the campaign will be expanded globally, Hecox said. He said it is too early to disclose further details about media placement for the campaign.

Script to Screen, Santa Ana, CA, is assisting with production and scripting of the campaign. Icon Health & Fitness Inc., Logan, UT, will be responsible for telemarketing and fulfillment.

The Reebok Core Board was introduced in December on the Web site and in roughly 400 national health clubs, including Reebok's proprietary club, Reebok Sports Club New York. The company also plans to market the product through retail fitness centers pending a successful run of the DRTV campaign. The company plans to run print and traditional television advertising to coincide with the potential retail launch.

“We want to build awareness through DRTV and hold out on retail until we build critical mass nationally and globally,” Hecox said.

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