RedPoint Hops Onto Hadoop


RedPoint Global today announced the rollout of RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop, what the data management software provider claims is the first pure YARN data integration product on the market. Hadoop 2.0 YARN-based architecture separates cluster resource management capabilities from Hadoop 1.0 MapReduce so that it can more easily be used by new engines to process data.

RedPoint asserts that competing solutions are either dependent on MapReduce to crunch data or need to move data into and out of the Hadoop cluster independently for processing. Hopping onto Hadoop promises to be a growing trend in the marketing software business. Just last week, Epsilon announced the tying of Hadoop to its Agility Harmony messaging platform to speed segmentation.

“Using RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop eliminates the need to write code—a big deal because of the current skills gap in analytics,” says RedPoint CTO George Corugedo. “Marketing and sales are the top areas for applying Big Data, which is why Hadoop is so important. If marketers can solve the data problem first, then the rest is easy.”

RedPoint’s press release notes that the shortage of skilled data professionals is one of the biggest roadblocks to marketers making the most of data analytics technology. It quoted a 2011 McKinsey report predicting that, by 2018, U.S. companies could be short 190,000 data analysts and 1.5 million managers conversant with Big Data.

“Even when these skills are available, MapReduce coding adds unnecessary time and complexity to any Big Data project,” says RedPoint CEO Dale Renner. “Companies need data quality and data integration solutions that can help their traditional data analysts drive accurate insights from their Big Data easily and cost-effectively.”

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