Redesign is in the works for

Late next year that familiar pink ribbon will also represent a revamped online platform for, a nonprofit dedicated to offering medical information on breast cancer.

The Web site will debut a redesign to provide personalized access to critical information for breast cancer patients and their loved ones. Tridion Web Content Management was selected for the project.

“Our primary goal for revamping and rebuilding was to make the experience for the Web site visitor as easy and satisfactory as possible,” said Hope Wohl, CEO of, Narberth, PA. “We focused a lot on usability testing along the way.”

The site at receives 8 million visitors yearly. It is the leading online resource for medical information about breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“Our visitors are either concerned, diagnosed or undergoing treatment, so they are in need of a lot of information that is complex, and they are under a lot of stress,” Ms. Wohl said. “So we wanted to make it as easy to use as possible for them.”

Along with a user-friendly interface and multiple language support, the nonprofit will use Tridion to send personalized e-mails to its 45,000-address opt-in list. The group will be able to track the readership of these mailings through integrated e-mail and Web statistics.

“We want to provide more personal information so that now people can navigate to the specific situation they are looking for,” Ms. Wohl said.

Users also may create their own account. Both explicit and implicit information will be gathered from subscribers and the online pathways they choose.

“The Web site will be similar to in that it will suggest to you parallel topics to how you are navigating the site,” she said. “Someone in the early stage of the disease does not want to see a lot about the later stages of it and vice versa.”

The new site will continue to offer up-to-date medical information as well as an online community that includes discussion boards and weekly online chats with breast cancer experts. One new feature will be a monthly research news program.

The online community holds 30 discussion forum topics. Ms. Wohl hopes to make the editorial process as efficient with the new redesign.

“The internal change is not something that the end user sees, but it translates into an improved experience for them,” she said.

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