Reddit Users Will Choose Where the Company Donates Its Ad Revenue

Reddit is the enigmatic social channel famous for its eclectic sub communities, i.e. subreddits, and its Ask Me Anything (AMA) events. Yesterday Reddit announced that it brought in $8.3 million in ad revenue last year. Reddit will donate 10% that advertising revenue to 10 charities of its users’ choosing.

Many of the various communities that comprise the site are notorious for their disdain for promotional rhetoric.  Aside from banner ads, Reddit’s marketing potential has been largely lead by the various AMAs, events where individuals ranging from authors to brands and politicians field and answer questions from the Reddit community. Brands have been wary of these AMA events, understandably so considering the pointedness of some of the questions. Despite the volatility of the platform, Reddit brought in serious cash last year, with much of its ad inventory apparently booked for the rest of this year, by some estimates.

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