Recruiting 101 for Web 2.0 – Why you should use social networking sites

One of our 2010 quarterly hiring surveys included a question on how digital and direct marketing employers were leveraging the social networks to fill their open positions. Fewer than 10% said they were actively hiring through those channels. You can bet that number will increase in 2011.

We’ve come a long way since the pre-Web days when employers relied on newspaper ads to attract candidates. Now, Web 1.0 methods — including job boards, company career websites, job distributors and online sourcing tools — can’t engage individuals who may not be ready to apply for a position.

To address this issue, you should focus on six key areas: SEO and SEM, RSS feeds on your company career Web page, professional networks including Twitter and LinkedIn, talent communities, social media, such as YouTube and blogs, and job aggregators.

The same SEO and SEM techniques that you use for your marketing campaigns should be adapted to expand your reach and engagement with potential applicants. RSS feeds from your company career website will automatically distribute your jobs into online social channels, building groups and promoting viral traffic. Talent communities that are branded for the company, and integrated into your career site and online application process, will also attract potential applicants. A sponsored link with a job aggregator can be an option for attracting applicants for the harder-to-fill positions.

Over the long run, leveraging social networks should help cut your cost-per-hire and increase your pool of potential candidates when you need it most.

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