Real-time marketing fail: KFC makes fun of crying child

Add this to the ever-growing list of social media fails by brands. 

With March Madness in full-swing, KFC is working overtime trying to insert itself into social media conversations about the tournament, and using the #MarchSadness hashtag to console fans whose teams have lost with a bucket of fried chicken.

On this occasion, the brand got plenty of flack for showing this image of a crying child, and then attempting to sell chicken using it:

The distraught boy was crying over the upset loss of his team, the University of Kansas to Stanford University. After the angry responses started coming in for KFC, it simply removed the tweet, without an explanation or apology, effectively using the “what-offensive-tweet-are-you-even-talking-about?” strategy.

KFC wasn’t the only brand that was criticized. CBS viewers weren’t too happy about the channel repeatedly cutting to shots of the boy crying, sending in plenty of complaints via Twitter.

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