Ray Everett-Church Steps Down as Chair of MAPS Advisory Board

Mail Abuse Prevention System LLC said that privacy and anti-spam advocate Ray Everett-Church is stepping down as chairman of MAPS’ newly formed Corporate Advisory Board.

Board member Michael Rathbun will succeed him.

MAPS named Everett-Church chairman of its advisory board in mid-January, shortly after the board was formed. He said he was stepping down due to previous commitments.

“My other advocacy activities have gotten busier and as a result I’ve found myself with too much on my plate,” Everett-Church said in a statement. “Because I committed to these efforts prior to singing on as chairman of MAPS’ Advisory Board, it is, unfortunately, my MAPS involvement which I have to cut back.”

MAPS, Redwood City, CA, provides spam-prevention services to Internet service providers and computer systems administrators. It operates the Realtime Blackhole List, a subscription service that lists known and suspected spammers and helps prevent the dissemination of spam.

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