Rappaport: Too Many DMers Don't Know What They're Doing

NEW YORK — After three tough years, direct marketers must start thinking in opportunistic ways to compete with the glut of advertising messages bombarding consumers, American List Counsel chairman Donn Rappaport said yesterday at the company's eighth annual For Brokers Only luncheon.

Rappaport also cautioned attendees that things never will return to the height of the dot-com boom.

“Stop talking about the way things were,” he said. “It's not going back … so look to the future.”

Rappaport questioned the meaning of success in the context of direct marketing, saying it is a state of mind and that respecting what you do is a step toward it.

In addition, he said too many list brokers and managers in the business don't know what they are doing.

“There is a lot of competition,” he said. “The cost of acquisition is going up, lifetime value is going down and there has been a reduction in return on investment.”

However, the keepers of the data are needed, he said, and ultimately will save the day.

Following Rappaport was guest speaker Dave Eicher, editor of Astronomy magazine. The event drew 120 list broker attendees as well as ALC staff and clients.

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