Rakuten Marketing Moves to a Unified Platform

Rakuten Marketing today introduced the omni experience, what the Japan-based e-commerce marketing company calls “the future of digital marketing.” The unified platform’s goal: improve productivity and bridge the gap between processes and profitability for advertisers and publishers.

“The omni experience allows marketers to consolidate all channel offerings into a single platform and dashboard for full transparency in the customer funnel,” says Rakuten CMO Jessica Joines. “This gives marketers a single point of contact and allows them to focus on driving better performance.”

Omni experience links Rakuten’s core services—Rakuten Affiliate Network, Rakuten Attribution, Rakuten Display, and Rakuten Search—for full transparency into the customer funnel.

“Omni experience reflects a commitment to putting the consumer experience first,” Joines says. “Consumers don’t perceive your brand in channels; they perceive the overall experience with your brand. Because of this, it’s important that brands market to consumers during each phase of their sales journey, continuously thinking about the best way to influence consumers at each touch point.”

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