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Rainbow Redesign

So far, 2019 has proved to be the year of purpose-driven cause marketing, establishing itself at kickoff with a heavily politicized Super Bowl and fallout from an attempt by an established men’s brand to encourage better behavior. As marketers wield better data to serve relevant messaging to their targeted groups, their audience has become increasingly sophisticated and discriminating. In the social media realm among influencers, authentic engagements are top priority. Brands need to demonstrate that they can deliver meaningful content and services that all relate back to a single vision. As emphasized by data and PR veteran Al DiGuido, President and Chief Revenue Officer of North 6th Agency, in a recent podcast, brands need to be “consistent” (an important component of “accountability”).

The current Pride campaign by travel deals site Travelzoo shows how in the digital space, data can deliver the right message by simply enabling a web property to do its intended job. In the case of Travelzoo, they offer discounted packages based on users’ preferences. In support of the LGBTQIA+ community, Travelzoo has curated some of its trips to correspond with the most tolerant destinations in Europe and around the world, based on the Rainbow Index, a ranking of countries compiled by ILGA-Europe. The “Travel the Rainbow” guide will be released at the end of the month.

“Travelzoo is highlighting the deals and destinations that correspond to the countries listed on the Rainbow Index as a resource to our members throughout Pride month,” said Travelzoo General Manager Ellie Hirschhorn. “Some of the destination deals we’ll be featuring are in Norway, Finland, South Africa, and Iceland.”

As ILGA-Europe makes clear on their site, they put together their rankings based on many indicators that speak to challenges that face this community – and not just one month out of the year – issues like freedom of expression, legal gender recognition, hate speech and asylum rights.

But in the world of marketing, ongoing social issues can still be brought to light effectively “for a limited time.” Travelzoo took the opportunity this month to execute a logo redesign, and also to conduct a charity sweepstakes, in addition to their specially-curated deals.

The contest, which runs through July 31, offers entrants a chance to win a trip to the South of France. Travelzoo’s partner in this contest is Omaze, and proceeds from the contest will be donated to GLAAD.

“As we celebrate Pride, we want to make sure we are giving back to the LGBTQIA+ community in an effective way, with an authentic partner,” Hirschhorn explained. “We’ve seen the great work that Omaze has done,  and with our mutual focus on Pride, felt this campaign is a great opportunity to partner, generate excitement and raise money for GLAAD.”

She added, “We wanted to give our members an easy and compelling way to participate in our campaign and support GLAAD. A chance to win a trip to the Cote d’Azur is a strong enticement. France is a top 10 Rainbow Index country, so we thought it would be great to integrate that into our partnership with Omaze to get people excited, traveling, and donating!”

To communicate their message visually in a new Pride logo, Travelzoo drafted the talents of designer Darlene Cordero, whose roots in the community include annual participation in New York Pride, with her wife, who works for the NYPD force. Travelzoo will also have a New York presence at New York Pride.

“When I first found out who the client was, the Travelzoo brand personality immediately popped into my head,” Cordero told me. “I enjoy working on projects that I feel connected to, and after speaking with the Travelzoo team, I was honored and proud to help create their Pride logo. We knew it was important to keep the essence of the Travelzoo logo intact, so our main source of inspiration was the pride rainbow flag which represents inclusivity, equality, respect, awareness, and is a source of hope for so many people globally.”

NYC PrideFest will be underway June 30, where Travelzoo will host an interactive booth. However, with the ongoing “Travel the Rainbow” index, a tone is set for safe travels all throughout the year.

“We celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of our community year-round. With this year’s Pride celebrations commemorating the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, at what is expected to be the biggest celebration yet, we put together fun opportunities for our members in NYC with our ‘Pride Guide to NYC’ presented by Alaska Airlines,” Hirschhorn stated.

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