RadioTime connects to new media players, major broadcast stations

RadioTime Inc., a radio tuner for listening to free local, national and global AM and FM radio stations online and on devices, has launched a new tool allowing listeners to access streaming and syndicated radio programming on new network music players with radio built in. The new RadioTime Tuner can now access all Clear Channel and Cox Radio stations nationwide.

In the past, these stations were only accessible from a desktop using broadcasters’ unique players. Examples of network media players that support the technology are the Linksys DMA 2200 Media Center Extender, Logitech’s Squeezebox, Squeezebox Duet, and Transporter. Users are able to listen to their personal digital music collections as well as internet, traditional and subscription radio.

According to Bill Moore, CEO of RadioTime, the technology will “create better quality experiences for the listener.”

The technology is also helpful for local radio advertisers.

“If you’re looking for a syndicated program and you press play, RadioTime is going to find the local affiliate and send you there when possible,” Moore said.

Moore added that RadioTime plans to power more connective products in the future. “It’s important to have content along with the right advertisements available in the right products that listeners are using.”

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