QVC Expands Infomercial Operations in Mexico

QVC Inc., West Chester, PA, said it would expand its infomercial operations in Mexico, adding more than 1,000 hours a year of infomercials and daytime DRTV spots to its schedule. The company previously aired about 4,100 hours a year of infomercials, a spokesperson said.

Its Mexican operation, named CV Directo, also opened its first retail store in the Mexico City that will stock items promoted in DRTV campaigns. The store has numerous video monitors that display the company's infomercial programs.

The retail store is intended for Mexican consumers who are limited in their purchasing flexibility because they do not possess credit cards. The limited use of credit cards has hampered QVC's Mexico operations in the past. CV Directo receives two-thirds of its orders on a cash-on-delivery basis.

CV Directo was launched in 1996 and now has infomercial programming on four channels owned by Grupo Televisa, the Mexican media giant.

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