Quebecor Starts Co-Mail Program

Quebecor World Logistics has launched its Express Collation Mailing System for Standard mail, the company said yesterday.

This offline co-mail system lets Quebecor World Logistics bring 30 different titles or versions into one mail stream to maximize the presort and drop-ship savings.

The system can be used in small-run catalog and periodicals mailings of 5,000 to 300,000 pieces. Though focused on catalog mail, any flat that mails at Standard rates is eligible to participate.

The Standard co-mail program operates in Quebecor World Logistics' consolidation facility in Bolingbrook, IL.

Catalogs that participate in the Express Collation Mailing System must let Quebecor World Mail List Technologies perform the presort processing because a single combined presort file drives the co-mail machine. Through electronic data exchange, the mail file tells the machine what catalog receives what address.

Also, participants must conform to a set ink jet addressing window. The ink jet window for co-mail is on the back cover of the catalog near the foot trim area reading perpendicular to the spine. The Quebecor World printing plant stitches the catalogs, then sends them to the QWL Bolingbrook facility for sorting and addressing of the catalogs.

According to Quebecor, the program's benefits include:

· Co-mailed catalogs reach the mailbox in far better condition than if mailed solo. The co-mail process will create carrier route bundles on sectional center facility pallets that will stay in better condition because they go through minimal physical handling.

· Control of the in-home delivery date is enhanced when participating in a co-mail program versus mailing the catalog by itself. Smaller mail strings with a lot of bulk mail center pallets or sacked mail can cause mail to take two or even three weeks to get in-home.

· Cost to distribute catalogs can be lowered using co-mail. The amount a mailer saves depends on the size of the Standard co-mail pool. However, the savings reflect gross savings — the cost of freight and co-mail processing needs to be factored into the equation.

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