QuantaMail Allows Sender to Control, Destroy E-Mail

Ascent Solutions Inc. announced its e-mail encryption and destruction service called QuantaMail last week.

Through encrypted, password-protected e-mail, the service is designed to provide a secure method for company-sensitive communication.

QuantaMail also has message destruction capabilities that provide users with the ability to control the lifespan of sent e-mail. The sender can have a message destroyed on a preset date or after the recipient views it a certain number of times.

QuantaMail can notify the sender when messages are received, indicating the time and date of receipt. Time stamps are used to help ensure accuracy, according to ASI, Miamisburg, OH.

Also, the service is available as both a Microsoft Outlook add-on and a Windows stand-alone program. ASI said the system should attract firms that want protection from intruders and the ability to eliminate e-mail that could be used as court evidence.

The service offers two levels of membership. The free package is available for users at www.encryptmyemail.com, while a paid subscription package offers additional e-mail destruction capabilities.

For more information, contact ASI at 937/847-2374 or at www.asizip.com.

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